When a loved one dies, his or her assets are distributed to family and friends. Sometimes this procedure involves probate, which is a legal proceeding that gives an individual authority to administer the estate, including paying debts and transferring assets. Only certain assets have to go through a probate proceeding; that is why it is important to have a trusted attorney who can guide you through the process and advise you how to proceed.

At Olsen Legal Group Ltd. in Merrillville, Indiana, our attorneys are experienced in handling a variety of probate issues and are focused on protecting your rights. We can advise you whether an estate needs to go through probate, and if so, which type of probate proceeding will best meet your goals.

Probate proceedings can be fairly straightforward, or can be quite complicated, depending on the case. At Olsen Legal Group Ltd., we understand that each case is unique, which is why we are committed to delivering individualized legal advice. Probate proceedings can involve a variety of related estate planning issues, including noticing creditors, deeds and titles, and tax planning, which is why it is important to have the knowledge of an experienced attorney at your disposal.

Probate proceedings usually involve the court appointing a personal representative who will be responsible for handling the estate. This person may have been designated in a will, or if there is no will, a family member may seek to be appointed as personal representative. We can help you decide who would be best for this job and guide you through what is expected of the position. Our experienced attorneys can also help you determine the level of court involvement that is right for your situation and advise you regarding any complications that may arise, such as unknown heirs, beneficiary disputes, valuation of assets, or an unclear will.

Concluding probate in Indiana typically takes between six months and a year, but can take much longer if a dispute arises. The attorneys at Olsen Legal Group Ltd. can assist you every step of the way with your probate matter, whether your case is simple or very complicated. We offer you 24/7 access to your file so that you can review the details of your case anytime, anywhere. This is especially useful in probate matters in which family members or beneficiaries are unable to attend meetings because of schedule conflicts or distance. We are committed to providing professional, honest advice that will resolve your probate matter quickly and effectively.