Mortgage Foreclosure & Credit Defense

At Olsen Legal Group Ltd., in Merrillville, IN, clients often come to us for help when their finances have become unmanageable. If you are financially in over your head, it is critical that you seek the advice of an experienced attorney. An attorney can help you assess your situation and establish a plan of action for achieving your financial goals.

Mortgage Foreclosure

Mortgage foreclosure is one of the most common legal proceedings we advise our clients on. Clients that are struggling financially are particularly at risk of foreclosure. If your finances have become unmanageable, it is critical that you seek the advice of an experienced attorney as soon as possible. The earlier you establish as plan, the better and more numerous your options will be.

Indiana has a program that allows borrowers to meet in-person with lenders in order to establish a plan that will avoid foreclosure. This program is aptly called a foreclosure settlement conference. During a foreclosure settlement conference, you and your lender may agree to a loan modification, forbearance agreement, or short sale. Our experienced foreclosure attorneys can help explain your options and reach an agreement that is the most beneficial.

Even if you have already been served with a complaint or summons for judicial foreclosure, you may still be able to reach an agreement with your lender and avoid foreclosure. In Indiana, the process for uncontested foreclosure usually takes between 150-200 days, but the longer you wait, the fewer options you will have for saving your home.

At Olsen Legal Group Ltd., we understand that each client’s financial situation is unique. That is why we are committed to delivering individualized legal advice to obtain the best outcome for each client.

Credit Defense

In addition to mortgage foreclosure cases, our attorneys are skilled at handling a variety of credit defense issues. We have handled many cases for clients who have been sued by a debt collector or other creditor. While many clients have incurred large amounts of debt while enduring a financial hardship, there are often instances in which the amount of debt is disputable. Overcharging of fees, accrued interest, lack of documentation, and statutes of limitations are frequently disputed in credit defense cases. AtOlsen Legal Group Ltd., our experienced attorneys handle all aspects of credit defense, and will work to negotiate a fair settlement with creditors and defend the rights of our clients.