Alcohol & Tobacco License and Litigation

Bars, restaurants, hotels, convenience stores and other establishments earn a substantial amount of their revenue through the sale of alcoholic beverages as well as tobacco products. Obtaining an alcohol or tobacco license is a complex process. In addition to following federal rules and regulations, each state has established its own requirements. Some states have stricter requirements than required by federal law and generally, the stricter law must be followed. In other situations, federal law preempts state law.

If you are in Merrillville, Indiana, and are seeking an alcohol or tobacco license or want to transfer a license, we can help. Our attorneys at Olsen Legal Group Ltd. are competent and experienced and can assist you with your application. If you are facing the loss of your Indiana alcohol or tobacco license, we will represent your establishment before the Indiana Alcohol & Tobacco Commission as well as before your local alcoholic beverage board.

License applications

There are many rules and regulations concerning how many licenses can be issued in a certain geographical area or whether a license can be issued to an establishment within certain distances of a church or school. There are local zoning restrictions that must be followed. We will prepare the lengthy license application and supporting documents. If your desired business location falls within a prohibited area, we can assist you in determining if any exceptions to the law can apply.

Litigation and compliance

We consult with you on licensing and liability in an attempt to prevent litigation as far as possible. We keep up to date in all changes in state and federal law as well as local ordinances that may affect your license and will keep you apprised of how to avoid violations.

If you are charged with any violations of the terms of your license and litigation is unavoidable, we will fight on your side to protect your rights. We have represented clients before all relevant licensing boards. Penalties can be severe. You may lose your license temporarily or permanently. You may also be subject to a high fine and may even face criminal charges with resulting time in prison if convicted. It is important to have the experienced and knowledgeable Olsen Legal Group Ltd. law firm in Merrillville, Indiana, on your side.