Attorney Shaun Olsen

Attorney Shaun OlsenPrior to starting a private practice, Shaun had the opportunity to work for both the people of the State of Illinois in the Civil Appeals division of the Office of the Attorney General, but also with the federal courts in South Bend, Indiana.

In more than ten years of service as a private attorney, Shaun has maintained a general law practice that started with helping people start their own businesses as well as protect and preserve their families through estate planning.  Shaun has also helped those who have faced setbacks in their lives get back on their feet from homeowners saving their homes from foreclosure and protecting families from debt collectors without resorting to bankruptcy. In addition, Shaun has assisted a number of people and organizations who have been injured or lost money because of other people, companies, and/or banks through negotiation, mediation, trial by jury, and appeals.

In the past few years, Shaun has successfully defended a mortgage foreclosure action at trial and obtained dismissals of foreclosure claims against major banks include Chase which have been affirmed on appeal.  Recently, Shaun successfully argued the case of Johnson, et al. v. Wysocki, et al. before the Indiana Supreme Court that established a home buyer’s ability to recover from sellers who do not disclose known defects in a home prior to closing. The Wysocki case overturned 132 years of law in Indiana applying the Doctrine of Caveat Emptor, or ‘buyer beware,’ to the purchase of most residential real estate in Indiana.

In addition to his private practice, Shaun also has had the opportunity to serve as a Judge Pro Tem for the County and Civil Divisions of the Superior Court of Lake County, Indiana.

Shaun and his wife, Stephanie, are actively involved in their community and church.  Shaun is a sports enthusiast and has worked for many years with his community parks department coaching an array of sports teams for his two children.  He also enjoys playing the trombone and setting the high score on his pinball  machine.

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