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The attorneys at Olsen Legal Group Ltd. are focused on providing down to earth, personalized solutions to the legal challenges our clients face.  We are accessible, responsible, prepared, efficient, and technologically advanced.  We are focused on redefining what it means to provide exceptional professional service to our clients at a competitive rate.

Delivering quality legal services, that our clients truly value, means understanding their needs, caring for their desires, being invested in their success, and supporting them to achieve their objectives.  Combining legal expertise with practical insight enables us to turn the most complex questions into the clearest answers.  We approach each matter with an invigorated, pragmatic, down to earth style geared toward distilling complexity and providing clear-cut solutions for our diverse client base.

Often, family law issues and foreclosure issues go hand-in-hand. Whether you need an attorney for a foreclosure, family law issues or both, Olsen Legal Group Ltd. in Merrillville, IN offers direct solutions. You also have access to your case information 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

Family Law

Family law issues often involve more than a divorce. It may involve domestic violence injunctions, foreclosure, custody battles and alimony battles, just to name some things. Whether you and your spouse agree on everything, you need an experienced family law attorney in Merrillville, IN to represent your interests.

Many people think that because they agree on the division of assets and liabilities; child custody, visitation and support; and alimony issues that it’s a simple thing to file the paperwork themselves. However, should one of you have a change of heart two years after the fact, you will need an agreement that will protect you. Our attorneys have drafted many settlement agreements that protect both parties in all family law matters.

If you have issues within your divorce or separation such as spousal abuse or if the person who currently has primary custody of the children has substance abuse issues you will need the representation of an experienced attorney to help you through the issues. Often, a spouse with substance abuse issues may do anything, including misrepresent facts to authorities, just to keep the children.

Even if you do not think you have issues and your spouse seems to be agreeable, contact our divorce attorneys to help you through this difficult time.


Our foreclosure attorneys at Olsen Legal Group Ltd. in Merrillville, IN are also experienced in foreclosure proceedings. If you have been served with a foreclosure lawsuit, you should contact us immediately. The bank’s attorneys will always try to push the foreclosure proceedings through, but there are ways to avoid going to auction immediately or facing a summary judgment hearing.

Furthermore, you may be eligible for one of the foreclosure programs. Our attorneys will review your situation and help you apply for the program or will help you settle the foreclosure matter if you want to stay in your home.

Contact Olsen Legal Group Ltd. for family law or foreclosure issues. If you have been served with a lawsuit or a divorce, you must respond within a certain number of days or you could forfeit your position.